Weird Elephants/Neuilly/Concept Album

Track 1—Lula Carry me home in an oxcart Crying mad “Is there more, is there more?” Tolling the bells resolutely Waiting for people who won’t come anymore— Track 2—Boy from Pittsburgh I was on the same Greyhound with you and Your hipster wife except I slept the whole trip No time at 30 for the landscape, baby, Don’t blame me—and the cars have ruined the … Continue reading Weird Elephants/Neuilly/Concept Album

No te vayas de Zamboanga: thoughts and translations

I came across the wonderful little song “No te vayas de Zamboanga” (Don’t Leave Zamboanga) on Youtube and was intrigued. The description says it is in Chabacano1, the Spanish creole spoken in Zamboanga (and in some parts of Cavite and Davao), except it isn’t: the song is written in Spanish—español, castellano, whichever you prefer—much like the more familiar ballad “Zamboanga hermosa” (Beautiful Zamboanga), with some … Continue reading No te vayas de Zamboanga: thoughts and translations

Ballade pour Regina Spectre

1.Facts Annouchka has already bought the sunflower oil. Her carelessness you have always said is amusing. You are amused by innocence, how silly. Yet the same innocence it is that must be plucked, you said, plucked lest it overgrow thee, lest it corrupt thee, lest it… No: at age nine, ten, innocence becomes passé. It is no good pretending we are young at eleven. They … Continue reading Ballade pour Regina Spectre