Weird Elephants/Neuilly/Concept Album

Track 1—Lula Carry me home in an oxcart Crying mad “Is there more, is there more?” Tolling the bells resolutely Waiting for people who won’t come anymore— Track 2—Boy from Pittsburgh I was on the same Greyhound with you and Your hipster wife except I slept the whole trip No time at 30 for the landscape, baby, Don’t blame me—and the cars have ruined the … Continue reading Weird Elephants/Neuilly/Concept Album

Ai Weiwei and other visions of New York (Op. 1055)

1. What use have I for these Cocacolabottles———7 yrs, the beard has grown unmanageable 2. Flee chugoku wit’ a jaropearls is this good enough for your mother 3. Mastah, not even egypt was old enough for you what shall we do now what shall we ever do? 4. Nothing the world has yet to be carved from this urn the mounens from this heap of … Continue reading Ai Weiwei and other visions of New York (Op. 1055)