“Paghayo” ni Anna Akhmatova (2)

Ang lupang ito, hindi man aki’y Mananatili pa rin sa aking gunita— Ang dagat niyang kay lamig at kay tabang, Ang buhanging simputi ng umaga, Ang hangin niyang langô, ang mga punong Binabalot ng pula tuwing dapithapon— Dapithapon! Ikinukubli ng bawat mong sinag Ang patapós ng araw, ang patapós ng mundo, Saka iiwan akong hubad sa piling ng aking mga sikreto. 1964 Advertisements Continue reading “Paghayo” ni Anna Akhmatova (2)

Le Pays des pommiers

Conte de Bienvenido Santos. Traduit en français par Roel Christian Yambao. C’était octobre quand j’arrivai à Kalamazoo et la guerre était toujours là. Des étoiles d’or et d’argent pendaient sur les fanions au-dessus des fenêtres des maisons blanches et rouges. Dans un arrière-cour un vieillard brûla des feuilles mortes et des brindilles pendant qu’une femme aux cheveux gris s’assit sur la porche, ses mains rouges … Continue reading Le Pays des pommiers

No te vayas de Zamboanga: thoughts and translations

I came across the wonderful little song “No te vayas de Zamboanga” (Don’t Leave Zamboanga) on Youtube and was intrigued. The description says it is in Chabacano1, the Spanish creole spoken in Zamboanga (and in some parts of Cavite and Davao), except it isn’t: the song is written in Spanish—español, castellano, whichever you prefer—much like the more familiar ballad “Zamboanga hermosa” (Beautiful Zamboanga), with some … Continue reading No te vayas de Zamboanga: thoughts and translations

Excerpt from “Jacques le Sentimentaliste”

from Jacques le Sentimentaliste Joachim Vas (translated from the French by Josephine Martin and Hillary Olsen)   Do you remember the image of the fading rose at its last moments Before memory (yours and mine) consumed it? The light of your cigarette cast upon it shadows more beautiful Than even you and I: the shadows that mingle with the smoke from Your cigarette are dancing … Continue reading Excerpt from “Jacques le Sentimentaliste”

A Poem by Borges, in Spanish and Filipino

A Poem by Borges, in Spanish and Filipino   The original in Spanish Poema de los Dones Jorge Luís Borges Nadie rebaje a lágrima o reproche esta declaración de la maestría de Dios, que con magnífica ironía me dio a la vez los libros y la noche. De esta ciudad de libros hizo dueños a unos ojos sin luz, que sólo pueden leer en las bibliotecas … Continue reading A Poem by Borges, in Spanish and Filipino