This is the stuff of nightmares (1)

Leafing through my notebooks from three or four years back, I feel a certain vertigo in recognising in their pages the self I once was, and which however hard I may try, I cannot reconcile with the self I conceive myself to be today. All history is lost to us; our personal histories in a grander, more tragic scale. Sometimes it feels as if I … Continue reading This is the stuff of nightmares (1)

Le Pays des pommiers

Conte de Bienvenido Santos. Traduit en français par Roel Christian Yambao. C’était octobre quand j’arrivai à Kalamazoo et la guerre était toujours là. Des étoiles d’or et d’argent pendaient sur les fanions au-dessus des fenêtres des maisons blanches et rouges. Dans un arrière-cour un vieillard brûla des feuilles mortes et des brindilles pendant qu’une femme aux cheveux gris s’assit sur la porche, ses mains rouges … Continue reading Le Pays des pommiers

Trois contes

Here is an account of the terrible fate that befell María San Nicolás de Montany’s brothers during the years 19— to 19—, retrieved from the parenthetical announcements of deaths in the unread pages of Correo andalús and La menina negra: The oldest, Joaquín, was hang, drawn and quartered by two unknown men two days after Easter. There were only three witnesses to his death: Mgr … Continue reading Trois contes