Weird Elephants/Neuilly/Concept Album

Track 1—Lula

Carry me home in an oxcart
Crying mad “Is there more, is there more?”
Tolling the bells resolutely
Waiting for people who won’t come anymore—

Track 2—Boy from Pittsburgh

I was on the same Greyhound with you and
Your hipster wife except I slept the whole trip
No time at 30 for the landscape, baby,
Don’t blame me—and the cars have ruined the countryside anyway.

The man in the gabardine suit is a victim
of your McCarthyism
Oh when will you learn not everyone’s an enemy
And the world can be good sometimes.

Track 3—Martha Meyer

Paris in the rain, London in the fog
Why’d you confuse the geographies of my heart
With your own vague longing to see the world
From the window of your van?

Track 4—Martha Meyer Reveals Her Secret

Little John doesn’t lie
Except when it’s needed.


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